CalendarMenu 2.2.4


Convenient menu-bar calendar for calendar events, reminders and birthdays

CalendarMenu is an OS X menu-bar application, which provides a small calendar showing all the information you need to keep track of all upcoming appointments, birthdays, and reminders in the blink of an eye.

Calendar events:

Calendars and (on OS X 10.8 and newer) reminder lists can be selected individually.

Highlights birthdays from the OS X Address Book or the iCal birthday calendar.

Differentiates between normal and all-day events.

Can indivually hide normal events and/or events spanning multiple days.

Shows an overview of all events of the selected calendar day or week.

Supports both US and ISO calendar layout


Allows to quickly mark tasks as completed or pending without leaving CalendarMenu.

Lists all or only pending and overdue tasks on the main window.

Lists reminders with due date together with all other calendar events in daily and weekly overviews.

CalendarMenu deliberately forgoes showing a overly filled calendar containing every single event within one window to keep things clear and orderly. Instead different event types are marked accordingly, for example birthdays or all-day events. A more detailed view with all events of the selected calendars and time period is shown when you click on a calendar day or week number.

CalendarMenu is highly configurable and allows you to specify exactly what you want CalendarMenu to show. It can also (optionally) ensure that your calendar subscriptions are updated regularly by keeping iCal launched in the background.

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CalendarMenu 2.2.4

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